ABP. Services.

Together with its clients, ABP develops specially tailored solutions.

Already in the development phase, the client is supported by a qualified team with legal and technical competence. Thus, already the research work is supported significantly. The support ranges from idea generation to implementation and finally to the enforcement of IP rights. This comprehensive support, combined with a high degree of identification with the customer's wishes, ensures the best possible result.

Our services range from legal advice and representation before authorities, courts, trademark or patent offices to the drafting and registration of intellectual property rights and the enforcement of intellectual property. This diversity makes the company the ideal partner in the field of intellectual property. Particularly industrial companies benefit from the unique range of services.

In order to offer these services worldwide, Anwälte Burger und Partner cooperates with competent local experts. In addition to obtaining IP rights, attention is paid to the enforcement against the competition. This is how ABP makes development, protection and management of intellectual property successful.

ABP Anwälte Burger und Partner makes its clients internationally successful with the development, protection and management of intellectual property – in a communicative, integrated and sustainable manner.

We see ourselves as an overall partner for our clients in the field of IP and have an international network of specialized law firms at our disposal.


Patents and utility models are IP rights for protecting technical inventions. Correspondingly protected inventions represent a significant value for companies as well as for private individuals and protect the results of specific research and development projects or spontaneous ideas or problem solutions.

ABP takes care of:

  • Searches
  • Drafting application documents
  • Handling application and examination procedures before regional and national patent offices
  • Enforcement of your IP rights
  • Review of and defense against attacks by third parties on IP rights Review of conflict or infringements matters
  • Opposition and nullity proceedings
  • Administration of fees
  • Renewals


Trademarks play a significant role in modern business. Therefore, they require professional legal protection. ABP Anwälte Burger und Partner is your reliable partner in all legal matters related to trademark protection.

ABP takes care of:

  • Searches
  • Trademark applications
  • Preparation of application strategies
  • Responding to objections
  • Evaluations
  • Assignments/Assuming representation
  • Proof of use/statement of use
  • Observation of use
  • Enforcement of trademarks
  • Continuous trademark monitoring
  • Administration of fees
  • Renewals

Design Patents

Designs (design patents) are models for the appearance of industrial products. Similar to trademarks, they are of high value for companies and therefore require legal protection.

ABP takes care of:

  • Searches
  • Design applications
  • Responding to objections
  • Evaluations
  • Assignment/assuming representation
  • Enforcement of designs
  • Renewals

IP Contracts and Agreements

An agreement or contract represents the individual set of rules of a cooperation between two or more contractual partners. It should contain the most important rules of the respective cooperation and be comprehensible, acceptable and implementable in practice for all parties involved. Therefore, drafting and negotiating an agreement or contract requires both a profound understanding of the factual circumstances of the cooperation and of the interests of the contracting parties and a sound knowledge of the relevant legal matter.

ABP takes care of:

  • License agreements
  • R&D agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • IP purchase agreements
  • Contracts relating to the compensation for employee inventions
  • Cooperation agreements

IP litigation

When things get tough, you can rely on ABP Anwälte Burger und Partner. We represent you professionally in all forms of IP disputes and litigation.

ABP takes care of:

  • Patents | utility models
  • Trademarks
  • Designs (design patents)
  • Contract disputes
  • Copyrights
  • Disputes relating to unfair competition
  • Preliminary injunctions


Back in the Wild West, settlers staked out their conquered land. Today, the "plots" on the Internet are domains. With the rapidly increasing significance of the Internet, reliable and legally secure domain management is of great importance.

ABP takes care of:

  • Searches
  • Domain registrations
  • Assignments
  • Strategy consulting
  • Renewals

ABP considers comprehensive support the key to long-term success.